Benefits of Affiliate Marketing – 5 Ways to Make $$$ with Affiliates

As I am a huge fan of this growth strategy, we gathered five best Benefits of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing seems as old as the Internet itself. Even though it actually started gaining traction in the mid-00s, long after the dotcom bubble and the reign of flashing banners and pop-ups.

Many seem to think that as the Web becomes more “civilized” and online business is more like its real-world counterpart, affiliate marketing will disappear.

We don’t think so we gathered ways how also you could use the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing.

Here’s the table of contents:

Affiliate marketing is never going away

Affiliate marketing is still thriving.

It’s still growing, and it’s here to stay for a very long time.

benefits of affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing

The reason why is that product creators will always find it difficult to market their products, and there will always be people out there willing to do it for them for a commission.

There you have it.

Advertisers and affiliates are the reason why affiliate marketing generated $16 billion in revenue in 2016, and the number keeps growing.

If you were thinking of using affiliate products to monetize your websites, whether, for desktop or mobile devices, you definitely shouldn’t have any worries about your affiliate disappearing.

In fact, it is still the best monetization strategy for most small websites. Forget AdSense and Amazon Affiliates. Affiliate networks and smaller advertisers are where the money is at!

How to effectively use affiliate marketing for your online business

With that in mind, let’s talk about a few tips and tricks on how to use the benefits of Affiliate Marketing for your online business and how to get the most out of it.

It’s not rocket science, but small things can make a huge difference when it comes to monetizing online properties.

1. Sign up for affiliate networks and get to know your affiliate manager

sign up for as many affiliate networks as possible – most of them are free anyway, so it doesn’t hurt to have as many options as you can handle.

It will also allow you to test the same offer on different networks and see which ones are shaving leads (i.e., not registering all leads, cutting into your commissions) and which ones can offer you a better deal if you deliver enough traffic.

sign up
Sign up for affiliate networks

Payout terms are also important – the sooner you get your money, the faster you can reinvest or write them off as profit.

Knowing your affiliate manager and establishing a relationship with them can greatly help with getting the best offers and the best payouts for those offers.

If your affiliate manager trusts you, he’s more likely to give a higher payout to you as opposed to other affiliates.

So regular check-ins, updates, and small talk can be really useful.

2. Optimize your sites for affiliate offers instead of ads

Most sites are good to go for contextual ads like AdSense, but you have to make some adjustments if you want to make the most out of affiliate links and banners.

First of all, you need to write content that is targeted towards specific keywords. Ideally, you would research the keywords related to the products you’ll be promoting and write articles based on them.

website optimization
website optimization for affiliate offers

Another great way to use the benefits of Affiliate Marketing is to use different affiliate offers for different posts. This works best when you know what searches get you, visitors.

If you have a blog about health care:

  • you could have banners and links to skincare products on posts about skincare,
  • links to hair care products on posts about hair care,
  • banners to makeup products on posts about makeup, and so on.

It may be hard to manage at first, but you could use some automation tools, as the powerful OpenX Ad Server. It’s a time saver.

3. Create sales funnels

Instead of the simple content with direct affiliate links. A much smarter strategy is to create sales funnels that make the most out of every visitor you get.

sales marketing funnel
sales funnel
  • You can create presell posts to build up interest,
  • landing pages with multiple choices for when you have multiple possible advertisers and think that your users can choose for themselves,
  • email squeeze pages before the advertiser’s landing page (so you can build an email list for yourself),
  • landing pages with special offers and discounts that can make a visitor more interested in going through with a purchase, and more.

Basically, you want to keep visitors on your site and make them interested in the products you’re marketing as much as possible to increase conversions.

4. Monetize your email lists

If you’re simply linking your links and banners directly to your advertisers, you’re losing out on potential leads and sales.

Building an email list (or even several of them) is a great way to maximize the efficiency of your sales funnels.

email marketing
email marketing

You can take the standard approach of offering something in return for a sign-up. Or place a subscription form right before you redirect the user to the advertiser.

This is a great solution if they don’t convert, then you have a way to contact them later.

You should also set up a series of autoresponders that will be sent to each subscriber, containing useful content and tools (depending on your niche).

You can add an occasional affiliate link or product recommendation.

An email list can double or triple the affiliate revenue from any website with enough quality traffic.

5. Create your own affiliate network

An affiliate can make you lots of money and is a good long term online business strategy. But if you want to take it to the next level, creating your own affiliate network is the way to go.

affiliate network
affiliate network

You can get advertisers and affiliates together, making money for both of them and taking a cut for yourself.

In addition to the income generated by the affiliates, this also allows you to monitor the market and see how offers perform in various niches.

This can be extremely useful if you plan on launching new websites or simply adding new advertisers.

Just don’t be greedy, and don’t steal the best performing offers from your affiliates to run them yourself. That’s very unethical, and you’ll be ousted pretty fast.

Ready to Enjoy the benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is still huge. Moreover, it’s still one of the top ways to monetize a website, app, email list, or any other web property.

Don’t listen to those who say affiliate marketing is dying. You can safely use it for your online business as it is neither dying nor stagnating, but thriving and growing like never before.

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