7 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Website

7 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Website.

Every year, thanks to the development of technology, new trends, and features in the field of SEO.

Therefore, we, traditionally, at the beginning of the year, review the main global trends and prepare an article for business owners.

Let’s figure out what to consider in the promotion of sites as early as 2020.

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Many years of experience with customers suggest that owners of web resources should stay informed of the latest trends in the industry.

After all, if for an Internet agency such monitoring is the key to the successful performance of work, then for the customer, it is an opportunity to understand what and why an SEO specialist offers to improve the positions of the promoted site.

Solving technical issues of a web resource is just a preparation for promotion.

The very development consists of a strategy (i.e., a set of specific actions aimed at achieving the set goals), which necessarily takes into account the main trends.

And the directions vary depending on what technologies appear in people’s lives.

Let’s look at the critical SEO trends that should be considered to promote your site in 2020.

7 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Website

1. Optimize the site for mobile devices

“Mobileeaddon” – so the developers called the update of one of the algorithms of Google, launched on April 21, 2015. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that sites with a version for mobile devices became the priority in the search engine issue.

Since then, the importance of mobile layout in the promotion is only increasing.

The main answers to the questions, exactly how the mobile arrangement affects the website promotion, were described in detail in an English-language article.

The main reason for such changes in Google’s algorithms is related to the growth of mobile traffic.

As a result, developers began to take into account the features of using web resources, even on 5-inch screens.

Comparison of the growth of mobile search traffic of one of the online stores in 2018 and 2019:

In Ukraine, for the present, not all sites have switched to adaptive or mobile design. Perhaps a slightly better situation with online stores in Kyiv – all the same, the number of online stores and services in the capital is higher than in other cities.

However, as competition increases, we can say with confidence that 2020 will be held under the sign of optimization for smartphones.

2. Working with content and internal optimization of the site

The uniqueness and relevance of content, as before, is the basis of promotion in Google.

However, in 2020, due to competition in the field of electronic commerce in Ukraine, the requirements for the quality of content will grow.

Today it is not enough to optimize texts for specific keywords. Each article should be:

1. Unique. The higher the level of uniqueness of the item – the higher its value for the user, and hence for the search engine;

2. Readable. The material should be easily perceived and oriented to its target audience;

3. Expert. That is, to maximally disclose a specific question that interests the visitor of the web resource.

Special requirements for the quality of texts appeared after the release of Google Hummingbird (Kolibri) algorithm on September 26, 2013.

With his help, the robot began to evaluate the relevance of content and its relevance to search queries.

Approximately at that time, a new method of writing texts began to gain popularity – LSI-copywriting, which is the next step in development after SEO copywriting.

To understand how the content should be on the site, how much it is needed, what keywords should be used, it is not enough to rely only on the expert’s experience.

By this you can drive traffic to website to earn passive money and get success.

seo infographic

seo infographic

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Today, the writing of texts also provides a detailed analysis of the issuance of competitive articles.

Based on this analysis, new qualitative (exciting and useful) articles are written based on reliable data, with the extensive use of synonyms, the appropriate addition of keys, and adequately structured text.

In 2020, LSI-copywriting will continue to gain popularity in Ukraine. This must be taken into account to promote your site in the top Google.

Speaking of content, do not forget, too, that there is one more kind of material, interest in which is increasing—this video.

Many web-resources have already gotten entries or use video as an addition to the text content of their pages.

As early as March 2017, in a Cisco study, it was predicted that by 2021, video content would account for 78% of all traffic on mobile devices.

Naturally, in 2020, the number of video content in the format of reviews, interviews, feedback, training videos, webinars will grow.

Separately, it is worth recalling that as early as 2016, Google acquired two startups in the field of recognition and interaction with video – Moodstocks and Eyefluence.

So, it seems that shortly we are expecting improvements in search engine optimization of the video.

But, speaking about the future development of SEO, it is worth remembering that without internal optimization, a site with quality content cannot be competitive in the SERP.

Therefore, before using innovative techniques to attract customers and implement new marketing strategies, the web resource must, first of all, be fully optimized.

3. The role of semantics in the promotion of the site

The presence of a qualitative semantic core, as before, is an essential component of SEO, without which it is impossible to imagine the further promotion of the site.

Recall that the collection of semantics is the first condition in the process of content optimization.

The pre-composed semantic core allows developing a practical structure of a website at the design stage.

The groups of requests are distributed depending on what type of pages they are intended for: central, categories, articles, product cards, etc.

The next stage is the formation of content, as we have already said. Increasing the number of landing pages, even optimized for low-frequency requests, will undoubtedly improve their attendance.

By the way, it is necessary to pay attention to low-frequency vital queries, as the competition for them is much lower.

Phrases consisting of more than three words are called “long tail of requests.” Significantly, the conversion rate is the highest for them.

Just compare the competition between the request: “Buy a winter jacket for a teenager Kyiv”:

and the query “Winter jacket Kyiv”:

The difference in the level of competition is evident.

4. The influence of behavioral factors on the promotion

Over the past few years, Google takes into account the behavioral factors in the formation of the ranking of pages and sites. This should be considered when promoting the site.

One of the critical behavioral metrics is the bounce rate. This indicator indicates the number of visitors who left the web resource on the login page (that is, they visited only one page).

Of course, the lower the failure rate, the better the site ranking. In one of the previous materials, we already gave recommendations on how to reduce the bounce rate.

Another indicator directly influencing the behavioral factors is the speed of the site’s download. It will not be a discovery for anyone that visitors leave pages that load more than 2 seconds.

The optimal opening speed is 1.5 seconds. In a competitive web resource for the attention of users, this indicator remains one of the most important.

Not surprisingly, optimizing the download speed of a web resource is also essential for SEO in 2020.

There are many options for solving this issue: you can switch to faster hosting on SSD-drives, reduce the number of images, remove unnecessary graphics, modify scripts, and analyze many other components of the site that affect performance.

More information about the behavioral factors of ranking can be found in the article “Behavioral factors of ranking: everything you need to know about them. ”

5. Qualitative links as a condition for promotion

The authority of a web resource directly depends on the number and quality of backlinks. Times, when massive purchases of spam resources dominated SEO, is gradually disappearing into the past.

The Google Penguin 4.0 algorithm. (the last update of October 6, 2016) is designed to monitor the origin of sources leading to each site, excluding the possibility of artificial scoring of the rating.

Although the way to promote through the purchase of links will still exist for a very long time, the task of SEO is to select authoritative sources, to prepare the correct anchors, and, most importantly, to increase the reference mass gradually.

An example of the growth of links to an excellent site in 30 days:

A few high-quality links can have a much more significant impact on promotion than a hundred, placed in some free directories.

This is worth considering, forming a budget for the acquisition of reference mass – this article cost is one of the most expensive in SEO.

Why risky independently promote your web resource with backlinks? Because an expert understands the existing rules and limitations of the Google Penguin algorithm, and a novice can bring his site under sanctions.

The rapid growth of backlinks, the same type of “artificial” anchor, unnatural location, and some other features a search robot can consider “search spam.”

At best, the web resource will be omitted in the ranking, and at worst – excluded from the list in the SERP.

To promote the site in runes in 2020, it will remain relevant to place links from sources that do not participate in exchanges.

Growth rates in search results also depend on the region and the business sphere: if in one case you can safely build links and within half a year to get into TOP-3, then in another, for getting into TOP-10, it may take a whole year.

6. The growing role of local search in 2020

One of the strategies for the development of Google’s search distribution is the strengthening of local search in 2020.

Internet users are increasingly looking for goods and services in their city, and tourists use the smartphone as a pocket guide.

Google My Business platform helps attract customers to your city.

For the previous year in Ukraine, local issuance has changed dramatically, and the search engine no longer provides information on areas but offers options for individual locations.

For example, on request “pizza in Kyiv” instead of all data on the city, the user will be offered points with the nearest location of pizzerias in Kyiv.

Therefore, if your business is focused on the target audience in the nearest area of the city, then be sure to pay attention to local SEO.

This trend will be primarily developed in 2020 in non-English-speaking markets.

7. The growth of popularity of the Knowledge Graph

Starting from 2012, when the appearance of such an element was announced in Google, the frequency of occurrence of such blocks with the answers in search results continues to grow.

If earlier in this format information was provided only from sites that contain comprehensive information, today more and more often, as answers, the best materials are offered from other authoritative sources:

What is the compensation of the Knowledge Graph, and why will this trend remain relevant during 2020?

Information in such a block appears in the first row of search results and indicates that the source is proven and authoritative.

Result in The graphs of knowledge for the query “Kyiv population”:

To get some information from the page of the web resource into the Knowledge Graph, you need to use structured markup on the site, and also to prepare a quality article that exactly matches the popular search query.

Google’s robot will automatically select fragments of pages, the information of which will be shown to the target audience in the form of the Knowledge Graph.

8. The growth of popularity of voice search

In Europe and the United States, interest in voice search is much higher than in Ukraine. First of all, it is connected with the growth of sales of smart-speakers Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Smart-speakers are devices that not only reproduce sound but also can catch voice commands.

With the help of such a device, it becomes possible to search for necessary information directly while listening to music.

Accordingly, the optimization of sites for voice search is the next step in the development of SEO.

In Ukraine, this trend has not yet become popular. Perhaps this will change throughout 2020.


So, summing up the results of our review, we will repeat the main world trends in the development of SEO and their impact on Ukraine:

1. Optimization for mobile devices – an important component, without which it is impossible to promote the site in the TOP. In Ukraine, the number of web resources targeting smartphone owners is already growing.

2. Work with content, and internal optimization are mandatory conditions for promotion for competition in the market. Now only those resources that provide higher-quality content (including video) can claim the first positions.

3. The role of the meaning of semantics in progress is, as before, especially important. In 2020, sites that pay attention to updating the semantic core will have an advantage over those who have not collected semantics for a long time.

4. The impact of behavioral factors on promotion, in particular – the speed of the site and the reduction in the rate of failure, are important for getting into the top 10 Google.

As new competitors appeared in 2020, behavioral factors will become more significant.

5. Qualitative links as a condition of promotion. Only if the correct, gradual growth of the reference mass. For Ukraine, this promotion factor will remain one of the leading in 2018.

6. The growing role of local search. This is a world trend, which is developing in Ukraine. With the advent of new businesses in Kyiv and other major cities, the number of offers in the local search will also grow.

7. The growth of popularity of the Knowledge Graph. Relatively new and, in a certain sense, Google’s experimental offer. Nevertheless, knowledge graphs appear more often in the form of answers to the most popular questions.

8. The growth of the popularity of voice search. This is a world trend, which in Ukraine is not yet very common. It is possible that throughout 2020 interest in it from the major players in the market will grow.

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