How to find low competition keyword in a short time (Brain Boost)

Today I am here to discuss an important part of SEO, and without this process, all SEO activities will fail in the future. Identifying or researching keywords is the most crucial part of SEO. Researching keyword or phrase will ensure SEO success or failure.

Without searching, the right term of keyword or phrase will doom you. So identifying the right keyword is very important for all kinds of SEO activities.

Doing Keyword research will eliminate your future risk and give you the best “ROI.” Focus on the right term or keywords that will glue you to hold your SEO progress together.

When you research keywords, then it is not simply getting visitors to your website but about the right visitors to your website.

I hope I am able to give you a very basic idea of the importance of Keyword research. Now time to show how we can find our right keywords in a very short time.

To discuss the topic and process, I will mention some tools and all the tools that are free or freemium. I hope that all you will get help from my post.


Every work has a basic formula and keyword research also. From my side, I can recommend you and the basic formula of keyword research.

Low Competition + High Search Volume + High Visitor Value = Reaching Searchers Successfully

Let’s go for a detailed discussion.

To find the right keyword, you need to focus on some subjects and keep details about your product or website purpose in your mind clearly.

The first thing about keyword research is boosting up your brain.


Before getting any idea about your preferred term, competition, search volume, you need to think about all and every possible way of your topics might be searched for. You can think about a list of synonym, a similar word, more specific words, and others.

I want to give you an example and want to continue my post with a process, so you can also read the post and also get an idea about the real-life case study. 🙂

I am also boosting my brain, and you can also do it with me. I am not select any preferred search term about this post. I hope when I finish it then I will get some good keyword for it.

Here the process:


My posting purpose is about “Keyword Research, “so this one is my first keyword or seed keyword and put it on a sheet.



This post is not about the history of keyword research or onsite SEO, but this post is about the keyword research process. I get one specific idea, so I put it on a sheet.


When we search with any keyword, then google suggests some keyword at the bottom of the page. So we can also gather some data from that.


One important matter should be noted, that you can you use keyword in everywhere google chrome add on so you will get suggestions with monthly search amount and suggested bid beside this.

Here I get some suggestions and put all these keyword ideas in a sheet.


Keyword research is a very broad and very difficult thing. Here I go back to the root and find some alternative for my own root keyword “Keyword Research.” I can also search about “process,” “Method,” “procedure” to get more results.

To discover the synonym word, I use the Thesaurus website.

Thesaurus synonyms

This option can give you a great advantage while sometimes it can give you the worst idea. 😛

Sometimes, I swap ‘procedure,’ ‘method’ or ‘strategy’ I can generate some good ideas about keywords.

Keyword-Research list

Here I show you some keywords. I can produce more keywords by boosting my brain. Some keywords may not have a single search volume. I have no worry about this right now. I am just shorting some phrase and list down it.

There are many more features where we can get some ideas about the keyword. Wikipedia is famous among them.


Wikipedia is very wealthy at the content, and we can search our specific subject on it and get details explanation about it. Wiki article will enrich your keyword knowledge. I also use Wikipedia for my brain-boosting and get some valuable ideas from it.

wikipedia keyword research

You can see the above picture and see the marked words. All these words enrich my idea, and I note it on my previous sheet.

All these are a fundamental platform for getting keywords. Beside this

There are many tools where we can find a more relevant keyword.

My favorite one is ubersuggest.


Ubersuggest is very popular for finding relevant keywords. It is a very valuable tool for keyword research. If you can use it properly, then it can give you a really golden keyword. But if you are able to use it, then it can give you the worst one.

ubersuggest keyword research

So search your best relevant in it, and you will get the most relevant one.

Now I can add more good keywords on my list and make it enriching.

All these processes I show you just suggest by an automatic system, but without people’s interest, it has no value.


So, how could we research people’s discussion? Every problem has a solution, so it also has.

We can use the public forum or discussion board to get an idea about their discussion topic. There are lots of popular public forum, or discussion board exists over the internet world.

I show two examples for you. I hope that you will get an idea from it.


Quora is a very big public discussion board. We can get a very detailed idea of our valuable keyword. If you entered into quora website, then at the top of the site, you will find a search field.

You can find some awesome keywords from there and also after getting a search result you will able to find out some good ideas. Let’s see the below images

quora topics
quora keyword research

I already marked some ideas, so you are able to understand how I research keywords. From quora, I get a new idea “keyword research for blogs”. By this method, I can also gather more ideas.

My other method is searching on the public forum. But how I get all kinds of an idea from the forum.

To gather all kind results from the public forum, I use Broadreader.


Broadreader is a very useful tool for getting results from all kinds of forums. Use ubersuggest simple results to get more complex and long-tail keywords. I use “Keyword Research” in Broadreader to gather more complex and long-tail keywords from a different board. Let see the below image.


This searching method and procedure give me some good results. From people, the real question gave me a very effective idea about some post titles. I hope you also boost up your brain and will use it properly to find your one.

At this point in the topic, I get many results; I hope you can also understand.

I am not going to my whole shit until the post is not finished. It is a very big list 😛 and will make this post very big. 😉

Now time for fire up your main keyword tool. Try it get the big result

The biggest friend for keyword research is Google Keyword planner. Login or create a Google Keyword planner account with your Gmail account.


After login in your AdWord planner tool, you need to go Tool> Keyword planner, and then you will see a page like the below image.

Then you click Search for new keywords as I marked in the image. After that, you can get all kinds of volume, competition, CPC rate, and also some brand new keyword.


After getting results, you can short up your list and get proper keywords for your website or post.

As I said before, that keyword research is a very hard thing. In this post, I just show you how to boost up your brain by using some free tools. I hope you enjoy and able to learn some new.

I find my post’s best keyword by this method. I find “keyword research tutorial, keyword research checklist, Keyword Research, keyword research process, SEO keyword research” for my post. I revealed many secrets but not this one. You need to find out why I select them and never feel shy to share your comment.

I will be back with more details. If you have any problem then you can comment, I promise I will give you some solution in a short time.

In my future post, I will share some advanced tips on how to get a competitor list and how to hack their keywords.

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