Secure Your WordPress in Ten Effective Ways

After a long day, I am here with a new post. Today I discuss some essential tips to secure your WordPress website.


WordPress is one of the most popular open-source content management systems. The main reason for WordPress is if you have some technical knowledge, then you can make any kind of websites with it, such as Corporate website, Personal blog, portfolio, E-Commerce, Learning Management system, or others too.

As I previously said that, it is open-source, and anybody can access its main source code. So some hacker can quickly find out it the bug and create the problem for you.

That’s why you should be aware of its security so you can easily beat the hackers and keep your website secure.

Today, I discuss the ten most essential tips about WordPress security.


Most of the person is aware of it, but also there are lots of people still use “admin” username as their website login credential. There are many websites that still use this username.

The main reason is the previous version has this default username, and they never update it. Several sites are being hacked for this vulnerable username. So update it as early as possible.


I think that the login lockdown system is essential for any website. “Brute force” attack is a very popular hacking system among the worldwide hacker. They use many usernames and passwords combinations to enter any site’s back end.

You think that this job is tough, but it is very easy for them. They use software for this. Several hackers can attempt more than a thousand times with this kind of software. So you need to care about it.

Some hackers use dictionary methods for hacking. They use many words combination and get success to hack websites.

Now the question is how to get rid of it and how you can keep securing your site from it. The solution is very simple—Use the System lockdown process for it. Use the Login limit for your website. In WordPress, you need no knowledge of coding to do it.

You can use these plugins to do it.

WP Limit Login Login Recaptcha Login LockDown

These plugins will limit anyone’s login attempts and can block IPs or show captcha for it.


When you open wp-config.php, then you will find these lines in this file.

define('AUTH_KEY', '');
define('SECURE_AUTH_KEY', '');
define('LOGGED_IN_KEY', '');
define('NONCE_KEY', '');

I saw some experts that they are not aware of using these security keys. These keys can make your password more strong and keep you secure.

You can generate these keys from below URL:

Now you can insert on your wp-config.PHP


What you think about the title of this Paragraph. Playing hide and seek needed for WordPress. WordPress shows some data that is not essential for visitors, such as the WordPress version.

You can find lots of plugins for it. I can also suggest you some Hide My WordPress 


If you do not know much about WordPress backend, then I like to introduce wp-config.php wp-config.php is a file that connects WordPress directory with the database.

It is a root file that contains database name, database username, password, server name, table prefix, and lots of information.

If any hacker gets your wp-config.php file, then they can easily access to your site. You should move wp-config.php from the root directory to any folder. WordPress will find it automatically.


When you install WordPress, then your site’s table prefix is wp_, and it contains in your config.php file.

However, I said before that WordPress is open-source, and if you do not change it well, then hackers will easily understand, what is your table prefix.

When you install WordPress, then you should change its table prefix to get rid of hacking.


Keeping backup is crucial. Nowadays, most premium themes have built in the option for keeping the backup, but it is not secure your database. You should use any useful plugin to backup your website.

You can do it manually, but I recommend you to use an automatic plugin. It will help you to keep backup regularly.

Here are some worthy plugins for your website:

BackupGuard  Backup & Restore Dropbox Backup Bank


Hackers can try to log in to your site by typing wp-login.php or wp-admin. If the link works then, they easily understand that this is a WordPress site.

There are lots of plugins that can hide these URLs. You can change it from wp-admin to site/admin or site/my panel or anything you want.


Never use any plugin unrecognizably. There are lots of plugins, those can edit your database, so be careful of using it. When you deactivate any plugin, then delete it completely.

If you do not delete it, then some functions are still working on your site. This deactivates plugins can open your security port and let them in.


You might find that lots of websites give you premium plugins for free. But you never know that they modify the theme’s source code and inject some variable code.

With this code, any hacker can hack your website. To secure your site, do not use it.

If you have to use these type themes, then check that theme’s security bug and also malware or phishing.

A lot of websites can check your site’s where you can check theme, or there is a plugin name: TAC

There are lots of options available for securing your WordPress. I will discuss it with you day by day.

I hope you enjoy the article. You can share it with yourself and also your friends. It might be worth it to you and them too.

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