3 Link Building Methods to try out in 2020

As someone who, until a couple of years ago, didn’t have the most advanced knowledge of link building, I have a lot to thank Brian Dean for. It was following his methods that got me into the link building game.

link building
link building

Now that I’m a pretty decent link builder, I thought I would share a couple of methods to help others – a kind of paying it forward.

First of all, here’s a little trick that you can use if you are ever struggling with content.

If you are scratching your head and can’t think of what you want your content to be about, you can do something that I call the reverse engineering method.

Run a Google search looking for popular blogs in your niche and pick 20 of them. Then, go through the last ten posts of these blogs. You’ve now got 200 pages to go through.

Although it may take some time, open every link from these 200 pages – if one of them opens up content that you think you can do better than, do it.

Now on to some of my brilliant link building methods. I like to call the first one the

1. Butter Up Method

I have used this simple method on many occasions with a good amount of success. All it involves is writing a post that commends someone in your niche.

You could include a list of top 20 bloggers, top 30 young people in the niche, top journalists in the niche, whatever you want. The goal is to get people to link to this content within your niche.

blogger community
blogger community

For example, here is a piece of work that I did for a previous client – https://www.freeofficefinder.com/article/50-of-the-uks-most-inspiring-female-entrepreneurs

This post celebrated 50 businesswomen in the UK.

Once the post was live, I contacted each company ran by these women, and the links came flowing in.

Many websites have press sections and like to talk about any good news about the company, so being featured in a list with lots of other prominent businesswomen was something worth talking about for many of the people on the list.

As well as the company website, there were also industry blogs and local news sites that also spoke about the content.

2. Survey Method

If you are looking to build authority in your industry, then there’s no better way than trying to come up with something newsworthy – or better – becoming part of the news yourself.

The quickest way to hijack the news in any industry is by creating an interesting survey and publishing the results.

survey method
survey method

First of all, use Google Forms. It’s free, although pretty basic, remember the whole point of this is to create something that people will want to talk about, so it can be basic questions.

The tough part is figuring out what the survey will be about. Search Google to see any previous successful ones in your industry. What’s the current hot topic in your industry? You can usually piggyback on that to create a survey of interest.

To market the survey, I normally use Facebook ads, but you can use forums, Reddit, Linkedin, your friends, your peers in the industry, etc. I generally aim to receive 1000 responses before analyzing the results.

Once you have the results, it’s down to you to analyze and see what stories you can create from this.

I once pushed a survey out about what people feel about their boss at work, and it came back those female bosses were more likely to be liked than male bosses, so using that statistic, I would contact more feminist based sites.

Surveys are good for getting mentioned on high-quality publications in your industry, so I would definitely recommend it as a top link building method for 2018.

3. Ask the Experts

Becoming an “expert” in any industry takes time and a lot of learning, but there is a way to piggyback on some of the authority your industry experts have.

Think of something that’s currently going on in your niche, and ask many industry experts their opinion on it.

For example, the post could be about link building strategies for 2020. I would contact people who I class as knowledgeable in link building and ask them what they think.

ask an expert
ask an expert

Once you have made the post, contact each of the experts with the URL and ask them if they would be interested in linking to the content.

Don’t forget to contact industry blogs and see if they would like to see it too.

For this method to have the biggest chance of succeeding, you have to ask as many experts as possible. The more experts, the more chance of getting some quality links.

If this method doesn’t manage to help you out with links, the least you can expect is a lot of social shares and likes.

If you are reading this and manage the SEO for any websites, make sure you try out some of these link building methods. I can assure you that they work well when done properly.

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