Yoast SEO – The Best SEO Plugin For WordPress

Today I want to introduce what I consider is the best plugin for SEO for WordPress and is called WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Until a few months ago, two or three months, I like many in the WordPress community used the All In One SEO Pack plugin.

Still, I decided to allow Yoast SEO; you can find in the plugins directory WordPress.org. Have I said that it’s free?

yoast seo plugin
Yoast SEO

The truth is that what you do is allows good and also allows you to delete several other plugins, like XML Sitemaps, RSS Footer or Robots or No Index No Follow, because of Yoast SEO and integrates into its scope this functionality.

Fewer plugins usually completed in a faster download of your page, which is very good for you, since Google has his eye on performance issues and download times for web pages that positions.

A complete visit to the WordPress admin panel SEO

Like all plugins, it is installed and activated on your WordPress administrator panel. Then you will see appear, in the bottom left, dedicated SEO issues and see block there are several possible features.

In the first section, Dashboard, asks you a series of data, information to connect with Webmaster Tools you may have in Google, or Bing.

Then in the section Titles, it allows you to define what is the strategy of generating the titles of your pages, and you can define templates for category pages or labels, so that the predefined template makes directly, for example, the meta keyword is the name of the category.

This is a very interesting feature!

I recommend anyway that for entries and pages always do manual work to set goals because it will be much better than the dynamic generation of these parameters.

Then there is an issue of indexing to define which elements are to be sent to the search engines and what items you better not.

For example, you may decide you do not want to send the file information by the author, or the files by date, or tags to be indexed.

This allows you to guide the search engines to the really interesting pages in your blog, and reinforce the weight of your contents, avoiding duplicate content.

There are also generating Sitemaps functionality, is one of the reasons why I liked a lot this plugin Yoast SEO because it allows me to remove other plugins that do the same.

In the generation portion, RSS allows you to both your feed before and after each item; you can set foot input. I was using another plugin for it that I can stop using!

There are a block Permalinks that eliminates the category (if you want) the URL and you can also play with the topics of internal links (Internal Links) incorporating if you want a line path.

For the current design of my web, it is not very relevant but soon is an issue that I do want to incorporate into my web.

yoast seo wordpress seo

As you can see, are not only SEO functionality but also usability elements that I think are important and that until today did not know how to manage well.

You can easily import all your data from another plugin. I’ve used All In One SEO Pack for almost a year, and I could do the migration without any problem, using this functionality.

At this point, you will see that the author of the plugin itself had three other plugins (by Yoast) has decided to integrate into this and can easy import of this data.

You can also export all your data, allowing you to re-integrate these features easily in a new installation of WordPress you want to achieve.

Very useful and practical for managing many blogs!

And Edit Files you can access your .htaccess and robot.txt files, and this is also a new plugin that I could remove because now I will use all these features through this package.

Using Yoast SEO in your posts or your pages

Now I want to focus on how this plugin works:

Just below your entry, which makes this plugin is that you can have a view of what would be your entry into the Google results page, has an exact look and feel how would on Google.

The plugin makes you a basic verification based on the keyword you want to use. I.e. you have to define a key for each of your input words.

You also have a button that allows you to identify other relevant keywords.

Once you have defined the keyword reference, the self plugin you be saying if you have it as the title of an article, if you like HTML title (this is the most important element: the SEO title), if you have it in the description and if you have the keyword.

That is if so, what points you all in green.

CSI analysis of your optimization On-Page SEO

But if that were not enough, it also incorporates an even more detailed analysis tab page, and this is a service that comes from Linkdex, which is integrated into this plugin Yoast SEO.

If indicating that the keyword density is somewhat low, it could increase this density, but soil not worry about these items.

seo for blog

You can also say that the title of the page has fewer characters than those recommended (at least 40).

This is an interesting point if, as noted in red for example, if you have not used your keyword in any of the subtitles of the article, and this would be an element that can correct.

To see the corrections you have to update item.

Nor should we obsess about these issues but I do floor verify that it is well done because it makes it much easier to write well for both your readers and Google.

Advanced features

And there is an Advanced tab that is also very interesting because sometimes you can have pages that do not want to index.

For example, the download page for a free e-book that you may have.

If you put these tags: “No Index”, “No Follow” Google will not index this page, in fact, it is almost invisible, if a user does not know the URL of this page you may never discover that there is this page.

My final opinion about Yoast SEO

As you can see, it is not just a technical issue. I think this plugin has an interface in the administration of your tickets and your pages, which makes it really attractive. 

Yoast SEO allows you to remove several other plugins, as written by Joost de Valk, a real crack of programming in WP you can be sure that the queries are also optimized. A gem for SEO, at an attractive cost: zero, nada, rien, nothing, niches …

I encourage you to migrate the All in One SEO pack as soon as possible. The change to the plugin Yoast SEO will be for the better. Guaranteed!

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